End of Summer PB Reviews

KIMG1229Another morning at Barnes & Noble checking out what’s happening in recent picture book releases. Sadly, I found a couple I’m not going to include here which remain nameless, but which for whatever reason just didn’t excite me. And that’s ok. They got published because someone out there finds them fabulous– and maybe you will too. They’re just not going to show up in my reviews today. I save those for the ones that I can personally recommend. So, here we go!

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Cooling down at the Library: PB Reviews


IMG_0585It’s a pretty warm day today, and my in-laws are visiting, so we asked my son what we should do with them, and he recommended the library. Smart boy! We have an awesome public library, especially for a small town. With a little hunting, I was able to find five more picture books from the last two years, just enough for another crop of reviews!

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