I got this! Picture Book reviews for the insecure writer…

books27aug18As a teacher, I head back to school Wednesday for faculty meetings and training. It’s been a great summer with lots of reading, writing and adventures with the kids from our annual “Summer Fun List.” I even spent time cleaning out the basement! While I adore teaching, it’s always hard to fit everything in once things kick off, so here’s another set of PB reviews before it’s truly crazy. In today’s batch I focused on books by authors who do NOT illustrate their own works. As it happens, these books also serve as some great mentor texts and inspiration. Seeing all those talented author-illustrator combos can sometimes be intimidating, but it’s not the only way to succeed. We’ve got this! Enjoy!

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Judging a Book by its Cover: “Beautiful” Picture Book Reviews

20180731_100803-1In my last batch of PB reviews, I focused on authors or illustrators I recognized and titles I had been meaning to read. Today, I chose books I was unfamiliar with by authors and illustrators I didn’t remember reading before. There were definitely some fun finds in the bunch and some authors you’ll probably be hearing more from in the future!

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